Don't just walk, jwalk

The Secret to Leash Walking


"It's not how your dog behaves that determines if you are a good dog owner, but how you respond to your dog's behaviour that counts"

Jessica O'Neill

About  JWalker

Owner/inventor, Jessica O'Neill began working in the industry ten years ago and has had the opportunity to learn about the areas that dog owners struggle and the products available on the market to assist them.She has an extensive knowledge base in learning theory and practice. She is a long-time entrepreneur and operates other divisions of the corporation including a behaviour/training consulting service and a behaviour boarding and rehab home.

JWalker believes in the humane treatment of all animals. We practice science-based methodologies and focus on owner education. The JWalker Product line is a true reflection of our core philosophies; REAL, Balanced, Smart.

The product line has expanded to include a hands-free walking system with customizable parts as well and a training line. The products are manufactured in Ottawa Canada by a private contracted small business. Supplies and parts are sourced throughout North America. 

JWalker products are designed for function, comfort and ease of use. We provide professional quality products to not only control your dog, but teach them as well. Each product is designed and tested by Canine Behaviour Specialist, Jessica O'Neill, and the Pet Intel. Team of Canine Coaches.

Our flagship product, the JWalker dog harness was initially conceptualized by Canine Behaviour Specialist, Jessica O'Neill, as a means to better assist her clients and for personal use with her dogs and children. The product was test launched on social media and quickly began to generate interest. The product sought to meet a market need by creating a unique 'side-attachment' harness offering a superior fit and function to other no-pull harnesses as well as professional support by way of posted tutorial videos, Facebook chat and email